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APEX Young Scholar (AYS) & APEX ERA

  • APEX Young Scholar or AYS is a programme designed for Young Scholars for their excellence in respective fields and research track record. Successful applicants will enrol in the AYS and complete phases of Research Competency Programmes (RCPs) and form groups with various and expertise. These groups then will organize their own Research Cafés and entitle to submit concept papers and research proposals for APEX ERA Research Grant.

    updated June 29th 2022

  • APEX Excellence in Research Award or APEX ERA Scholar is a grant awarded to cultivate the research culture within young lecturers with exquisite track record.

    Objectives of APEX ERA are as follows:

    • To establish a transdisciplinary team research program. Priority is given towards program that able to incorporate development of science, technology and economy (STIE) of Malaysia throughout MySTIE 10-10 framework by defining the main challenges towards achieving and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    • To be able to create solutions to problem statements that have valuable impacts on industry/society while contributing to scholarly outcomes such as publications, intellectual property, and talent development. This objective is in line with the university's status as an APEX university and parallel with the university's mission and vision which emphasizes the importance of cross-disciplinary research that empowers future talent and empowers the underprivileged to transform their socio-economic well-being.

    updated June 29th 2022

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