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As the name signifies, the main function of RCMO is administrating research grant including grant application, monitoring, evaluation and general management.  Nevertheless, RCMO is not merely a research management centre, its function goes beyond managing research activities.  The whole thrust of research is to promote creativity which in turn lead to knowledge generation.  RCMO is set to support USM talents in transforming USM into a regional and global hub for research excellence. 
In essence, the Research Creativity and Management Office at USM serves as a catalyst for advancing the research agenda of the university, ensuring that research endeavours are conducted efficiently, ethically, and with a focus on contributing to knowledge, innovation, and societal well-being.
Founded in 2002, this office was created with a purpose beyond mere research management. Consequently, the guiding  principle for this office is "Creativity," forging a new research paradigm aimed at attaining global recognition.  The objectives of RCMO are:
  • To process, coordinate, and manage all research grants received, whether from internal or external sources, as well as those acquired by individual staff or collectively by schools/centres/units. This includes overseeing financial aspects, managing and administering research funds, and handling travel requests related to research grants.
  • To handle the processing and feedback for all research applications seeking funding from public or private sources. This involves tasks such as screening/technical review submissions, coordinating with funding agencies, providing updates on application progress, announcing results, and appointing program staff.
  • To facilitate the collective management and administration of R&D resources and facilities, encompassing the acquisition, control, monitoring, and maintenance of these facilities and resources.
  • To provide support documents and monitor research activities to ensure compliance with rules and procedures set by funding agencies, which includes submitting progress and final reports.
  • To initiate, formulate, and implement strategies for optimizing R&D human resources, facilities, and equipment.
  • To plan, undertake, and sustain specific promotion and marketing efforts for R&D activities, products, and intellectual property. This includes organizing forums to enhance the image of USM as a prominent research institution.
  • To plan, implement, manage, and update an R&D information and retrieval system, including Internet access.
  • To serve as the Secretariat for JPU, MPU, and the Advisory Committee to the Vice Chancellor. This involves preparing periodic and annual reports and supporting other committees formed as needed.
  • To act as a liaison between all research clusters in meeting with their desired goals.
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